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Patients' Choice Award Winner 2015

We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Madison area from their patient testimonials. Drs. Craig Madsen and Mary Hirsch and their staff are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive testimonials from patients. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Drs. Madsen & Hirsch.



Patient Reviews

"Dear Dr. Madsen,

Just a short note to express my sincere appreciation and pleasure with the dental work you have done for me. I once had a gentleman friend tell me that if I ever needed a complete lower denture to be sure it was secured. When the time came that a complete lower denture was needed, I remembered his words.

My local dentist referred me to you and I set up an initial examination appointment. You were just great! You took the time to explain in detail about everything that would take place and how it would be accomplished.

I chose to have my remaining teeth extracted and two implants placed to secure my lower denture. The procedures went very well! If I had to do it all over again, I would do the exact same thing! It is definitely worth the investment. Anyone who needs a lower denture should consider this option – they will not regret it! My denture is secure, no clicking or movement, I am able to eat whatever I want and am not afraid that my denture will come flying out or get off center.

Thank you for doing this procedure for me. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. If you ever have a patient that is unsure about this procedure, feel free to send them my way or show them this letter. They will never be sorry that they had this done.

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job! You're the best!
Sincerely, "

~ Patricia A. Bach


"My veneers here were great! You cannot even tell they were restored! Dr. Madsen is an artist. "

~ Bill W. Computers and Networks
" We have been clients for a total of 13 and 8 years and have absolutely nothing negative to report. Service, the combination of expertise, and results have been outstanding. Service is very friendly and prompt, one feels like part of the 'office family.' The qualifications and technology brought to bear are up to date and expertly used. I (Chris) am very happy with my progress, and I (Janet) have been told on numerous occasions that I have the best smile in Dane County. We have both had orthodontic work, restorations and whitening procedures.

We highly recommend Drs. Madsen and Hirsch for all your dental and orthodontic needs. "

~ Janet Duhr and Chris Davis
" Yes, I can testify that the Madsen and Hirsch dental experiences have been superb! I have such vivid and terrifying memories of childhood dentistry. It has taken many years of caring and gentle dentistry to get beyond those memories. We have been patients at this clinic for about 15 years, and every need has been taken care of in such positive and gentle ways. One would never know if an employee of this clinic is having a bad day ... the environment and the nature is always uplifting for the patient. I guess you all are "patient friendly!" You all work to make our smiles and spirits bright."
~ Catherine Gronemus
" We have always found the dental practice of Madsen and Hirsch inviting, friendly, and professional. From our first visits some 17 years ago, through our sons' first dental visits, and the many cleaning & check-up appointments over the years, we've enjoyed our relationships with "Dr. Mary" and "Dr. Craig." It always amazes us that our kids look forward to going to the dentist. "Dr. Craig" will have a few jokes to share and make the trip to the dentist….FUN! Drs. Madsen and Hirsch approach complicated cases with confidence and innovation, and work until the case is mastered--all while offering comfort and friendliness. We are thankful to have found our family dentists (by seeing their smiling faces in the Yellow Pages ad all those years ago)…at Madsen and Hirsch Dental Care "
~ Dr. and Mrs. Rick Schramm and Family
" I have been pleased with the work done by Dr. Madsen and would recommend Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care to my friends. "
~ Kip Erickson
" I wasn't thrilled about having a root canal, but I agreed after being given extensive information on the condition of my tooth, the possible results if I declined the procedure as well as other less effective options to remedy the problem. This was all delivered by Dr. Madsen in a caring and professional manner. As always he answered all my questions fully, patiently giving me the feeling that he was invested in my personal well being and satisfaction with his work. When it came to the procedure, Dr. Hirsch did it. She instilled such calmness in me regarding her expertise that I nearly fell asleep during the procedure! When I commented on this, the technician told me that a lot of people say that to him. "

" From the beginning my experience with Drs. Madsen and Hirsch has been warm, caring and professional on all levels from the techs to the hygienist to the receptionist to the dentists. I think this can only come from a group of people who are competent at and happy with the work they are doing. I have had my smile transformed so that even my mother will stop me in mid-sentence to tell me my teeth look wonderful. Dr. Madsen is pleasant and easy to work with. I always feel like he is invested in making sure I can make knowledgeable choices that will keep me happy for years to come. He is sensitive regarding cost, but gives only first quality dentistry, so we've worked at MY pace in terms of cost in creating a workable treatment plan. "

" Follow-up to procedures is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I left the office with numbers to call if I experienced any discomfort and was encouraged to use them. I never needed to. I received a call the day after to check on me. On the few occasions that I needed attention between appointments, I was given one the day I called and never made to feel like an inconvenience. I received the same time and attention as if I had a regularly scheduled appointment. "

~ Kay Wondowski
" More than a year ago I was in search of a dentist that I could work with as an official "senior citizen". Chalk one up for Yellow Pages advertising, that led me to Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care and I am quite happy to have them providing my dental care.

From routine cleanings to preparation for adjustments to prior major work, I am very satisfied. Recent work included replacing an old crown that was failing, with the new "one appointment" (no temporary crown) replacement process, that went exceedingly well and I am scheduled for the next replacement.

Good dental care is important no matter what age one might be and I would recommend Dr. Madsen and his staff for the best care one could expect. "

~ Jim Esmoil
" Craig, Mary and their team are outstanding. The staff greets you with a smile, appointments start and end on time, the work is as painless as possible and on top of it all they are all normal human beings (with a champion pumpkin grower on staff). You will enjoy working with them. "
~ Kate Schachter
" Right about the time I had decided I was going to have to find a new dentist, due to my dissatisfaction with his care, Dr. Craig Madsen and Dr. Mary Hirsch bought his business. I cannot count how many times since that day 15+ years ago that I felt lucky that I held out just long enough to become a regular patient of Drs. Madsen and Hirsch.

If you have ever wished that a dentist would take a holistic approach to your care, look no further. I am not speaking of 'holistic' in the sense of a specific, alternative methodology, but simply as a whole-body approach to dental care. Obviously, they treat only your dental needs, but their concern and consideration of other factors in your life that are affecting your mouth (evidenced through TMJ, bruxism or other issues) significantly enhances their approach to patient care. The team of Drs. Madsen and Hirsch means that if you do require dental surgery identified by Dr. Madsen, Dr. Hirsch can perform it in the same office. There is no need to go to yet another clinic, and deal with a whole new set of check-in procedures. Communication is transparent, and the quality of work is excellent. The goal is always comfort and care of the patient, and preservation of tooth and gum structure.

The office staff of technicians, hygienists and office management are fantastic, and it is clear that everyone is there as a team member to support each patient, in a very personal style. They add to the overall sense of professionalism and competency in managing your dental care, or dealing with insurance issues.

Some people go to the dentist with a bit of fear and much reluctance. When I go to my dentist, I get into the chair and totally relax, knowing I am in good hands. "

~ Goetzke
" I always feel that Dr. Madsen and his staff are listening to me, and are attentive to all of my questions and concerns. The patient definitely comes first here! "
~ Marina Haan
" I hadn't been to the dentist in over 4 years. My regular dentist retired and it was an easy excuse to put it off and just not go. My childhood dental experiences from the 60's kept gnawing at me and, geez with a filling in nearly every tooth from those years, what else could they want to do to me, anyway? well, funny how your middle age finds you concerned about your health and hoping you haven't done too much partying, too much stressing or too much of anything that you can't live to be 100, so I got off the dime and set out to find a new dentist. Dr. Madsen was recommended by two friends of mine, nearly simultaneously, which was kind of weird in itself.

The best thing they both said is they're a husband and wife team, that you can get nearly all of your services there and not have to be referred around. The cleaning through to restorative and cosmetic treatments can all be handled between them and they work well together....wow a truly working marriage....I had to check that out anyway!

So off I went. It was a completely different experience. I told them right away about my fear of dentists and ever since they've treated me with kid gloves, giving me better information, taking way more time than most healthcare providers, answering questions and helping me through in a fun and caring way. The attention to detail and dedication to achieving as nearly perfect a tooth that is healthy for the long run with every effort is really refreshing. I like that they run their business the way I run mine. That philosophical sameness means a lot to me.

I am particularly happy with the cosmetic work we did together, with Invisalign and overlays. Pictures taken of me are unbelievable now and my friends and family tell me it's beautiful. It's actually fun to smile now. "

~ Krebsbach
" Dr. Madsen gave me new veneers 10 years ago, and they still look great today! Prior to the surgery we had a consultation to discuss color and shaping. I felt like he really listened to what I wanted for my new smile.

His staff is attentive, and together with his staff I felt at ease and comfortable during the surgery. Thanks for the great work! "

~ Jillian Leigh
" Dr. Madsen and Dr. Hirsch have been my dentists for 17 years. During that time they have expertly helped me through just about every dental service imaginable. During our journey together they have saved, restored, straightened and brightened my teeth. If you saw the before and after pictures, I think you would agree that I have been through a successful Smile Redesign. If you need dental care, you don't need to look any further. Madsen and Hirsch Dental Care and all their staff are good at what they do and will always be there for you. "
~ Julie Herfel
" I think one of the things that always impressed me about Dr. Madsen is how he always continues to stay current with the best available knowledge available through continuing education, products, and equipment. He also really does care about making sure that I never had any discomfort during the many different problems I had over the years and in an emergency he was always there for me.

I think I have been a patient for 25 years and continue to be even though I live 1500 miles away. "

~ Craig Stark
" You want to talk about being afraid of the dentist? I was the worst…..believe me. I was so afraid; I didn't even go to a dentist for almost 10 years. I had let my teeth get to a really bad condition, and friends and family convinced me I had to go to a dentist. We made some calls and decided on Madsen & Hirsch. Amy was very friendly and helpful over the phone, and that was a big reason I decided to go there. When I got there for my first appointment, Dr. Madsen was very friendly and put me at ease. I knew already that I had picked the right place.

The story I would like to tell is about my first appointment to have some teeth pulled. I wasn't too nervous because of how comfortable I had been made to feel at my first few appointments, but let's be honest; getting teeth pulled is nothing anybody looks forward to. I went into the appointment, and they started prepping me. After a long time of them “prepping” me, I asked if they were going to start soon. Dr. Madsen replied that they were actually all done. Seriously! I didn't feel a thing!

I would honestly recommend Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care to anyone. Anyone who can make me that comfortable in a dentist's chair is definitely worth my business. "

~ David Richardson
" Two years ago when I first came to Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care I hadn't seen a dentist in almost 10 years. My oral and dental health were marginal and I was ashamed of how I'd neglected my teeth. I chose Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care because its ad in the “yellow pages” promised compassionate care for adults. Over the course of the past two years I've had the opportunity to get to know Dr Madsen and his staff. Drs Madsen and Hirsch and the entire staff are professional in their approach and have done wonders to restore my dental health and hygiene. It is their kindness and compassion however that have made me their greatest fan. I have never felt judged by Drs Madsen and Hirsch and the great folks who comprise their staff, and the patience with which I've been treated has done wonders for my self esteem. (Even when I had a root canal and developed an infection, which saw me in either one or the other doctor's chair every other day for about a week, I always felt that my health and well-being and comfort were number one on the Madsen & Hirsch agenda.)

Today my teeth are in good shape. With Dr. Madsen's guidance I have decided to have braces put on my teeth (again!) to correct an overbite that is wreaking havoc with my teeth and the muscles in my lower face, jaws and neck. I am also going to have several crowns replaced once the orthodontic treatment is finished.

I trust Dr. Madsen and the staff of Madsen & Hirsch and I am grateful for their care these past two years. I am so glad I chose Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care that day I “let my fingers do the walking through the yellow pages.” My expectations have been surpassed exponentially. I can't say enough about how well taken care of I feel as a client of Drs Madsen and Hirsch, Amy, Becky, Sarah. "

~ Alston
" After years of pain and suffering with ill-fitting dentures, Dr Madsen fitted my wife with a smile, an appetite and perfect dentures. "
~ Bernard Stein
" My experience with Dr. Madsen has been the best. Going to the dentist is never a pleasant experience, so since you have to go, why not go to a dentist with excellent qualifications and experience. Personality and humor is a plus. Dr. Madsen always makes me smile and I am very willing to smile with my beautiful teeth.

I have been going to Dr. Madsen for the past four years and have had nothing but the most excellent service and the best dental hygienist work ever. It is pain free and no waiting for crowns. Dr. Madsen works with your budget and long term goals for my teeth.

The greatest part is, they assist me with my insurance and my flex plan. And, everything is done right there. The whole office works as a team. There is never any waiting either. This is a great place for your teeth! "

~ Beth Wentworth