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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry | | Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care | Dentist Madison, WI
At Madsen & Hirsch Dental Care, we offer a full range of dental implant procedures. We are experts in implant surgery, bone grafting, implant placements, and restorations. We have been placing dental implants since 1987, and Dr. Madsen is a fellow of the Misch Institute, one of the most prestigious training institutions for dental implant placement and restorations.

Dental implants can be used for a variety of situations, such as replacing a single, missing tooth; replace and support bridgework; and to help support removable dentures. Additionally, Drs. Madsen and Hirsch complete several other oral surgeries in conjunction with dental implants, such as bone grafting and tooth extractions. These can all be accomplished during one appointment when necessary in order to take care of our patients and make their appointments as fast and as comfortable as possible. These procedures can even be done with sedation dentistry to allow you to have a positive experience at the dentist, regardless of any past fears or anxieties you may have about visiting the dentist's chair.

The dental implant procedure is typically done under sedation with local anesthesia, and is done in a sterile environment. The patient is sedated, scrubbed, and draped. If a tooth requires extraction, this will happen during this point in time. The implant is surgically placed and a temporary restored while the bone heals. This healing process, in which the bone grows around the implant is a process called osseointegration, it can take anywhere from two to six months. When the implant has fully healed, it is then topped with a permanent dental crown in order to complete your new smile. For patients who are having implant-supported dentures, their dentures are made to "snap" into place with the implants for strength and stability.

Dental implants need to be brushed, flossed, and cleaned just like your natural teeth. While they will not suffer from tooth decay, they can suffer from periodontal-like lesions if not properly cared for. This can result in the loss of the implant due to periodontal disease, so it is important that patients take good care of their smile and focus on their oral health in order to maintain this restoration. Dental implants can be considered a permanent, life-long restoration when properly cared for over time.